Extraction of gunshot corpus allienum in upper cervical spine with transoral approach: A case report

Novan Krisno Adji , Muhammad Yuda Nugraha

Novan Krisno Adji
Neurosurgery Department, dr. Soebandi Regional Hospital, Jember, Indonesia ; Faculty of Medicine, University of Jember, Indonesia. Email:

Muhammad Yuda Nugraha
Faculty of Medicine, University of Jember, Indonesia
Online First: April 23, 2021 | Cite this Article
Adji, N., Nugraha, M. 2021. Extraction of gunshot corpus allienum in upper cervical spine with transoral approach: A case report. Indonesian Journal of Neurosurgery 4(1). DOI:10.15562/ijn.v4i1.129

Introduction: Penetrating trauma that caused by gunshot injuries have been reported about 17–21% of all spinal cord injuries. Transoral approach may facilitate accessing the lumens and sites such as upper cervical spine with minimally invasive surgical exposure. Here, we present an interesting case of removal a bullet in the cervical spine with new method.

Case Presentation: A 53-year-old man who underwent a gunshot in the maxillary region of the face. A CT scan of head and neck showed that a metallic foreign body located in corpus vertebrae as high as  C1-C2. The bullets in this patient were removed under the minimal invasive surgery through transoral approach. The patients were discharged without neurological deficit.

Conclusion: The presented transoral approach can be used as minimal invasive surgery method to extract corpus allienum in upper cervical spinal region without spinal cord tissue damage. 

Keywords: Cervical spine, Corpus allienum, Gunshot injury, Transoral approach



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