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Post-papilledema optic atrophy without hydrocephalus in vestibular schwannoma: A case report


Background: Vestibular schwannoma is the most common lesion of the cerebellopontine angle and accounts for 90% of all conditions affecting the cerebellopontine angle and 8% of all intracranial primary neoplasm. It is a benign, slow-growing tumor of Schwann cell origin.

Case presentation: A 30-year-old lady, with no significant medical history presented with chief complaints of progressive visual deterioration in both eyes for the past month, which was insidious in onset gradually progressive, and not associated with headache, vomiting, giddiness, or diplopia. There was no history of floaters, narrowing of the visual field, pain, or redness in the eyes.

Conclusion: Vestibular schwannoma presenting as severe vision loss is rare. There are different causes for papilledema in vestibular schwannoma. Early detection and treatment of papilledema will help to restore vision.

Keywords: case report; treatment of papilledema; vestibular schwannoma; visual deterioration


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