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Surgical planning illustration for neurosurgery: A contemporary medical template

  • Muhammad Kamil ,
  • Muhammad Reza Arifianto ,


Background: Pre-operative planning is essential things of any neurosurgical procedure. Illustrative design still becomes the best way to make appropriate pre-operative planning. The purpose of this paper is to provide a basic craniotomy and patient positioning illustration template for neurosurgeons or residents in the making of appropriate surgical planning or operative view.

Methods: We made simple illustrations for every common head position without an incision line and also the standard position for the patient’s body in every neurosurgical procedure. The case example was also described in the paper.

Results: Precise and easy illustration would help neurosurgeons or residents for making good surgical planning or operative view during the presentation which in turn makes it very informative for the audience. Moreover, it would also help practician to imagine the surgical approach before and during the surgery.

Conclusion: Surgical illustration may serve as an educational and informative tool with potential instructional value in clinical practice especially for neurosurgical residents or trainees.

Keywords: neurosurgery, pre-operative planning, surgical positioning, surgical approach, surgical illustration

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Kamil, M., & Arifianto, M. R. (2023). Surgical planning illustration for neurosurgery: A contemporary medical template. Indonesian Journal of Neurosurgery, 6(2), 26–28.




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