Bone Autograftafter Total Corpectomy in Cervical Tuberculosis Spondylitis : A Case Report

Ria Amelia , Amiril Mu’minin

Ria Amelia
General Practitioner, Department of Neurosurgery, dr. Ramelan Army Hospital Surabaya. Email:

Amiril Mu’minin
Department of Neurosurgery, dr. Ramelan Army Hospital Surabaya
Online First: January 06, 2019 | Cite this Article
Amelia, R., Mu’minin, A. 2019. Bone Autograftafter Total Corpectomy in Cervical Tuberculosis Spondylitis : A Case Report. Indonesian Journal of Neurosurgery 1(2). DOI:10.15562/ijn.v1i2.42

Tuberculosis (TB) of the cervical spine is reported about 2 to 3% of all the TB cases in Indonesia. In this case report, we demonstrated the use of bone auto-graft to obtain a good clinical result. This case reported a 38 years-old woman complained weaknesses in all the extremities, preceded by the neck pain radiating in both of the shoulders and the arms since past few months. There isthe restriction of the neck movement, also stiffness and numbness in both of the hands. The laboratory study showedincreasing of the Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR). The imaging studies showeddestructionsin the spine body of theCervical 4 and the Thoracal 2, narrowing in the Cervical 3-4-5 and the Thoracal 1-2-3 intervertebral disc with paravertebral abscess.The Histopathologicalexamination showed a spondylitis Tuberculosis. The anterior corpectomy was performed using the microscope surgery with bone graft from the right iliac and the insertion of an anterior plate. This patient was also treated with anti-tuberculosis agent for 9 months.

Keywords : Spondylitis, TB, Cervical, Bone Graft


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