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Isolated foot drop secondary to severe stenosis of spondylosis lumbar spine: case reports

  • Farid Yudoyono ,
  • Nasofi Tri Ramdhani ,
  • Dewi Pratiwi ,
  • Hendra Hendra ,


Background: The purpose of this study was to report the clinical features and prognostic factors of surgical outcome of foot drop caused by severe stenosis of spondylosis lumbar.

Case presentation: We reported two cases of patients were identified with isolated foot drop caused by severe stenosis of spondylosis lumbar spine.

Conclusion: Our case report findings that duration of symptom to surgery, the severity of nerves compression are the poor prognostic factors, decompressive surgery was effective in terms of motoric outcome.

Keywords: decompressive surgery, foot drop, spondylosis


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Yudoyono, F., Ramdhani, N. T., Pratiwi, D., & Hendra, H. (2020). Isolated foot drop secondary to severe stenosis of spondylosis lumbar spine: case reports. Indonesian Journal of Neurosurgery, 3(1).




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